I’d love to share some printable handouts for language teachers.

Designing with Canva

Recently I’ve started to design more with Canva to brighten up my handouts.

My clients never minded my plain, white, boring handouts, made in Word. However, they are more happy to work with handouts, which are much more nicer.

Tetyana is standing and holding a Macbook.

download printable handouts

15 exercises with answers, based on the TED talk on donating by Joy Sun (30 pages with answers).

the main focus is on listening or writing as well (1 page)

in/formal, answering an ad, complaints, to a lost & found office + examples

also, there are many useful links.

These lists of linking words & clauses will help your learners when you write a letter or a story (2 pages).

being in another country, about your life, when you were younger, celebrating an event (4 pages)

a printable page, which will help to track your habits every day. also, it is not dated (1 page)

they can be used for English, Spanish, and German lessons.

There is a looptop and two pens on a wooden table.
I also have a blog, where I write about teaching foreign languages, blogging, and neuromarketing.

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