Why Buying Likes, Followers, & Comments Is A Bad Idea

Many of us want to have more likes, comments, and followers. On social media. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who can sell fake likes/followers. They do not charge much. The question is whether or not to buy fake likes/followers/comments from bots. (share your opinion in the comments below)
my 1st thought is that it’s gross to buy someone’s love and attention. You buy them like you. they like you because you paid.

Will they buy something from you?
Will they be your clients?

When real people like your post, it means that it is good. It is valuable/interesting. They are interested in following you and engaging with you and your brand. Isn’t it the point of being on social media?

Say, you bought some fake likes/comments/followers…

Ok, you bought 20 k followers, 1,5 k likes, and bot comments.
These are just numbers that might harm your account, by the way (I’ll tell you about it in a minute, wait).

My question is – how long will you be happy having many fake followers/like? A month? 3 months? At the end of the day, it is just f.a.k.e, delusional.
Yes, it will allow you to trick some (not many) people into thinking that you are “popular.” but this is not the definition of being famous.

I do not collaborate with people, who got fake numbers

Let me give you a real example. No names. A “popular” online magazine contacted me. It offered to “write for them.” they claimed that they are super famous, many people follow them, and they’re popular. I will benefit a lot from being published there. Ha-ha, on Instagram, they have got 23k fake followers. Each post receives about 1,5 k fake likes. And 0 comments or a couple of comments from bots, which are not that much related to the post itself.
Will I benefit from this?
Hell no!
I wanted to tell them that my decision was based on their lies, but I did not do it.

How to spot fake numbers

Ok, how did I know they had fake people on social media?

Buying fake likes/comments/followers is trendy nowadays. So, I check people.

There are free online programs that I use. You can see that an account got 2k or 5k followers over a night. Although, usually, they get 2 followers a day. Isn’t it suspicious? Then you can see that 1 k people like a post within 2 hours, and that is it. Usually, people like your posts within a day or a week. Thus slowly, you reach 1k likes.

When companies/individuals tell me that many people buy their services, I check their social media accounts and website. It is not easy to fool me. Throwing dust in someone’s eyes is not a marketing strategy. It is bullshit.

Fake numbers will hard your account

Buying likes/followers/bot comments will ruin your engagement rate (which is essential for your account).

Instagram and Facebook are constantly changing their algorithms, so fake engagement will not work. They keep track of your numbers and activity all the time. And they can see when you cheat.

In addition, your account might get shadowbanned (it’s the practice of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from some areas of an online community in such a way that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned – wiki). If your account gets shadowbanned, you will have to hire new people to help you fix this problem.

The most important thing is that those fake things are illegal! In case someone doesn’t know.

Likes from not real people will 100% reduce the quality of your Facebook page insights.

Also, fake accounts will not subscribe to your newsletters, will not click on links, and will not come to your webinar whatsoever, let alone buy any of your services.


1) quality over quantity;
2) don’t jump on the bandwagon;
3) build long-term relationships with your audience;
4) fake likes/followers/comments are utter nonsense.

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