Having a blog is extremely important for your business:

  • Everyone is online.
  • Your social media accounts do not belong to you, and you cannot control over them.
  • When people google something, they will not find your posts. However, they will find your blog posts.
  • Having a blog will allow you to gather your own audience – potential clients.

I’ve been blogging for about 17 years. This is my 5th website (don’t ask me why I had to take down my previous websites LOL).

For me, blogging is an awesome way to share my knowledge, experience and help others.

Blogging vs. Journalism

Siempre quise trabajar en lo que me gustaba. Luego, cuando cumplí 18 años, obtuve el derecho legal a trabajar. ¡Yupi! 

Sin embargo, no tenía experiencia. Al menos nada significativo. 

I bought all the local newspapers and picked up one or two I liked. Then, I went to one of the offices. The editor hired me as a freelancer.

At that point, I understood I could get paid for writing about things I liked. Me. Getting paid. For things. I liked. At 18.

A los 19, me convertí en miembro de la Unión de Periodistas de Ucrania. Así que, supongo que escribía bien.

Blogging is totally different from journalism. Yet, my experience in journalism always helped me a lot!

How I can help you

I had different requests from my clients. I’d like to outline the most common ones:

  • Setting goals;
  • Writing efficient blog posts;
  • Composing content plan;
  • Composing a strategy;
  • Content marketing;
  • How to write SEO-friendly texts;
  • Editing, etc.

One of my ongoing projects is to write blog posts in English, Spanish, and German for the American educational company – Verbal Bridges. As I have NDAs with all my clients, I cannot reveal all the projects I have/had. However, verbal Bridges gave me their permission to name their company.

Before working together:

Before starting, we will have a call to identify your goals. Then I will send you an approximate plan for our sessions. If you agree, we will use this plan. Yet, you can compose a list of topics you’d like to follow during our sessions.

In addition, I will send you my free printable workbook on blogging (40 pages).

During the sessions:

Everything is confidential.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement (a legally binding contract establishing a confidential relationship). It means that I will not reveal any information from our sessions. Moreover, I know how annoying it can be when a person finds pictures that were taken secretly during a session on social media. It will not happen here. I do respect your privacy.

If you’d like to record our sessions, you are welcome.

Prices & payments:

The prices vary. It all depends on what you need. That’s why I need to have a free call with you to set the goals and evaluate the amount of my work.

Usually, 1 session (60 min) is 40 €. If you buy 10 hours, you will get a discount of 10%. If you buy 20 hours, you will get a discount of 20%.

You can pay me via PayPal, SWIFT, Western Union, or transfer the payment to my bank card ($ or €).

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