Having a blog is essential for your business:

  • Everyone is online.
  • Your social media accounts do not belong to you, and you have no control over them.
  • When people google something, they will not find your posts. However, they will find your blog posts.
  • Having a blog will allow you to gather your own audience—potential clients.

I’ve been blogging for about 17 years. This is my fifth website (don’t ask me why I had to take down my previous websites, LOL).

For me, blogging is an awesome way to share my knowledge and experience and help others.

Blogging vs. Journalism

In high school, I always wanted to work and do what I loved. Then, as I turned 18, I had a legal right to work. Woo-hoo! 

I had no experience. I mean nothing meaningful. 

I bought all the local newspapers and picked up one or two I liked. Then I went to one of the offices. The editor hired me as a freelancer.

At that point, I understood I could get paid for writing about things I liked. Me. Getting paid. For things. I liked. At 18.

At 19, I became a member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine. So, I guess I wrote well.

Blogging is totally different from journalism. Yet, my experience in journalism has always helped me a lot!

How I can help you

I had different requests from my clients. I’d like to outline the most common ones:

  • Setting goals;
  • Writing efficient blog posts;
  • Composing content plan;
  • Composing a strategy;
  • Content marketing;
  • How to write SEO-friendly texts;
  • Editing your blog post,
  • Audit your blog;
  • Audit your blog post or posts, etc. 

One of my ongoing projects is to write blog posts in English, Spanish, and German for the American educational company Verbal Bridges. As I have NDAs with all my clients, I cannot reveal all the projects I have or have had. However, verbal Bridges gave me their permission to name their company.

Before working together:

Before starting, we will have a call to identify your goals. Then I will send you an approximate plan for our sessions. If you agree, we will use this plan. Yet, you can compose a list of topics you’d like to follow during our sessions.

In addition, I will send you my free printable workbook on blogging (40 pages).

During the sessions:

Everything is confidential.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement (a legally binding contract establishing a confidential relationship). It means that I will not reveal any information from our sessions. Moreover, I know how annoying it can be when a person finds pictures that were taken secretly during a session on social media. It will not happen here. I do respect your privacy.

If you’d like to record our sessions, you are welcome.

Prices & payments:

The prices vary. It all depends on what you need. That’s why I need to have a free call with you to set the goals and evaluate the amount of my work.

Usually, 1 session (60 min) is €40. If you buy 10 hours, you will get a discount of 10%. If you buy 20 hours, you will get 20%.

You can pay me via PayPal, SWIFT, Western Union, or transfer the payment to my bank card ($ or €).

pic by Yana Fedirko

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