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Create a website today!

There are many benefits to creating a website. For example, it will help your business look more professional; when people google something, they will not find your posts on social media; however, they will find your website; it will build more trust, increase your brand’s awareness, etc.

I highly recommend having a blog on your website, as it will drive more traffic and help to create an image of your professionalism because you will publish valuable posts.

Free call:

We identify your goals.

Project Duration:

1 week


200 – 460 euros

How I can help you:

I can help you create a professional WordPress website with a blog in a week. It will take me a week if you give me all the necessary information, along with pictures, HEX color numbers, names of the fonts, and a desirable layout.

What I can offer you:

I can offer you two possible plans with me.

“Self-study” Plan

You can prepare all the necessary information yourself. I will send you a free printable workbook on neuromarketing (60 pages). You will do all the tasks, and I will give you my feedback.


€200: creating a website (about 5 pages) and checking your self-studies.

“Learn Together” plan

10 live online sessions (10 hours) that include outlining your niche, tone of the voice, brand archetypes, unique selling points, customer pain points, SWOT analysis, etc.


€460: creating a website (about 5 pages) and 10 hours of consultations.


We sign a non-disclosure agreement (a legally binding contract establishing a confidential relationship). It means that I will not reveal any information from our sessions. Moreover, I know how annoying it can be when a person finds pictures that were taken secretly during a session on social media. It will not happen here. I do respect your privacy.

If you’d like to record our sessions, you are welcome.

As I sign NDAs with my clients, I cannot show you all the websites I have created. However, some of my clients gave me permission to mention me as the creator of their websites.

Juan Calros – Neurolanguage Trainer – his website.

Dr. Maya – allergologist, dermatologist and a pediatrician – her website.

Yuki Shimizu – Japanese Neurolanguage Coach – her website.

NB: All websites were created according to my clients’ preferences, and they wrote their texts.

pic by Yana Fedirko

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durable fabric (260 gr/m2) + double bottom

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“I really enjoyed working with Tetyana. She is not only knowledgeable about Neuromarketing but also a great listener. Thank you for creating my fantastic website – I could not start my business without her support. I sincerely appreciate her.”

Yuki Shimizu
Japanese Neurolanguage Coach

Designing a blog can be a daunting task for a lot of people, myself included. However,  I still needed to revamp my blog. I just wanted someone to review it before relaunching. Tetyana’s review was beyond what I expected! She reviewed and gave tips about everything, from navigation of my website to the colors I chose, from speed to functionality… and more! I am beyond appreciative! Thank you so much, Tetyana!

Chelle Del Rosario
UX Manager, Clockwork

Thank you for the creation of my website – This was something that I desperately needed, and thanks to your help, I finally managed to do it. I’m sure now having the website is going to give me a more professional presence online, so thank you once again!

Juan Campos
Japanese Neurolanguage Coach

Tetyana, thank you very much for creating an awesome website for me – I love it!

Dr. Maya
Pediatrician, pediatric allergist and pulmonologist

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