Write a guest blog post for us

Hi everyone 👋 From now on, I am totally open to guest blog posts here (on teachingisfun.net)!

If you are interested in contributing, now it’s the perfect time to do so!

Undoubtedly it’s a unique opportunity to share your knowledge, success stories in teaching, and experience with others. I encourage you to write about the things you know and are an expert in. You can write a guest blog post in English, German, or Spanish. As my blog is in English, German, and Spanish, you can write in the language(s) you know, and I can translate it into other languages for free.

To begin with, I would like to start by outlining some

Essential rules for writing a guest blog post for #teachingisfun

  • Firstly, be positive and kind.
  • Secondly, keep in mind that your blog post will be read by foreign language teachers.

Next, let me tell you a few

Guidelines for submitting a guest blog post

  • Your text must be unique, i.e., never published before.
  • A blog post should be 1000 words (maximum 1500 words).
  • Also, the title shouldn’t be longer than 8 words. The perfect formula is “number or trigger + adjective + keyword + promise of value.”
  • The text must be divided into paragraphs that must be followed by subheadings. One paragraph must be 300 words. 1 sentence must be no longer than 20 words.
  • In addition, it’s important to avoid passive voice.
  • Please avoid rhetorical questions.
  • After that, there must be a list of used sources. If you are not sure how to cite sources, use citationmachine.net (or just send me the links you used).
  • Check your text for plagiarism. You can use QueText.

Assets Needed:

  • Your short bio (2-3 sentences);
  • Your best picture in good resolution;
  • Links to your social media accounts, website, YouTube, and LinkedIn;
  • Your email address.


•I can ask you to edit your text.
•I reserve the right to edit the texts by myself. But if I do, I’ll send it to you before I post it.

Of course, if you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll answer you ASAP.

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