Power of Small Wins

I used to be focused on big wins. Only something big used to matter. Later, I started writing day all the wins every day. Many of them were small, but still, they were my wins. They did matter.

Then I read one exciting research study – The Power Of Small Wins by Amabile and Kramer. And I had proof from professionals that small wins matter.

Amabile and Kramer have been studying the psychological experiences as well as people’s performance when they perform difficult work for nearly 15 years.

They say that everyday progress – even a small win – can make all the difference. Moreover, they add that progress’s power is fundamental to human nature. In addition, they state that even small wins can raise inner work life excessively.

“We found that the most common event triggering a “best day” was any progress in the work by the individual or the team. The most common event triggering a “worst day” was a setback.”

— Amabile and Kramer

Here’s a typical record from a programmer: “I smashed that bug that’s been frustrating me for almost a calendar week. That may not be an event to you, but I live a very drab life, so I’m all hyped .”

The researchers have also asked about the executive tools which may influence workers’ motivation and emotions. The respondents ranked five tools (in order of importance):
1) support for making progress in the work;
2) recognition for good work;
3) incentives;
4) interpersonal support;
5) clear goals.

If you asked me to rank the tools, definitely, I would note support as #1. It is very important at work and in all I do. Even my blog – support is what helps me to write more and share different stuff with you! Support is my fuel. It is what keeps me motivated. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave an encouraging comment here.

What was your small win today? Let me know in the comments below.

Benutzte Quellen:

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