5 everyday things that bring me happiness

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

Every day, WordPress sets topics to write about, and today’s topic is “What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?”

Our 6 amazing cats

We have got six cute and clever cats. My mornings start with feeding them, cleaning their litter trays, washing their dishes (sometimes it’s endless, LOL), screeching, and petting the cats.

I have got my own system for managing my morning routine so that it doesn’t take me forever.

First, I take an empty litter tray and put there fresh filler for cat toilet silica gel. Secondly, I give my cats canned cat food and some boiled chicken from the evening for the ones who do not eat cat food. Then, I clean all litter trays. Fourthly, I boil the fresh chicken. While the water is boiling, I have a cup of coffee. Then, I wash the dishes and give the freshly boiled chicken. I do enjoy taking care of our cats. It brings me joy.

Morning Coffee

Before the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine (February 24, 2022), my husband woke me up with a cup of freshly ground coffee. I would drink it slowly and check the messages plus emails.

Last February and March, there were problems with running and drinking water. We had 6 l of drinking water. However, we had Pepsi and Fanta. To save drinking water, I drank only fizzy drinks. Also, I wanted to make sure that I’d have some water for morning coffee.

In addition, there were problems with gas and electricity. Almost all the people cooked food and made coffee near their buildings. I was lucky to have electricity. Yet, I was prepared to go outdoors and prepare coffee, as coffee is something special to me.


Writing makes me feel good. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others, especially with my followers and subscribers. Writing helps me to sharpen my skills as well.

My husband and friends

My husband and my friends make me happy every single day. They support me greatly! Support is important to me, especially now.

Designing with Canva and creating websites

Creating some worksheets and workbooks on Cnava is another way of relaxing and expressing myself. Last year, I realized that I liked creating something visual.

On the whole, my work makes me happy every single day. I have only projects that I love with fantastic people. Seeing the results is fascinating and rewarding.

Moreover, work keeps me sane.

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

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  1. Great post! I would add to it teaching and my golden retriever. I love your list.

  2. Thanks! Your list sounds great, too!

  3. Love your list! I can very well understand why they make you happy. Designing in Canva would have to be one of mine too.

    1. Thanks, Rosie!
      What are your 5 things that bring you joy every day?

  4. Great post! Thanks for increasing our morale with this positive question. Family, friends, the love of God, (and I have a cat like you but only one) and enjoying beautiful nature make me happy but the list goes on and on:)

    1. Gina, thanks for sharing! I 🖤 your list and the fact that you have more things on your list!

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