My blog will also be in German – unbelievable!

Hi, fellow foreign language teachers! Today, I’ve got some awesome news — my blog will also be in German. For now, it is in English and Spanish.

I have been thinking about it for a long time. In December 2022, I decided to add the Spanish and German translations. But I know that it is a lot of work, so back then I added only the Spanish one. Then in May 2023, I was thinking about German. It is not that simple to add another language to your website and blog. You need to translate all texts and manually paste them.

I have a fear that all my Spanish texts might disappear. That is why I must be ready to add the Spanish texts again. It adds more stress. However, I am the one who creates this stress. I know, I don’t have to do it. It is just something I really want. I really want more people to be able to read my blog posts. Not all language teachers in the world know English or Spanish. Many teach other languages. That is why it is my pleasure to break some boundaries of understanding. 

It’s all about planning

I want my website and blog to look and be as professional as possible. That is why I do not have automatic translations on my website. I translate everything by myself. Of course, it takes more time than just using Google Translate. 

These days I’m preparing my German texts. So far, I have created an Excel table.  There are 3 columns: texts in Spanish, English, and German. The German texts are highlighted in different colors: 

  • yellow—the text is ready to be published;
  • green—the text is being translated (in progress);
  • white—just the name of a text which I did not even start translating. 

The launching date

The launching date is mid-September 2023. Although, planning something in the midst of the furious war is super hard. Of course, I hope that everything will go according to my plan. But if I don’t meet my own deadline, the world will not end. Right?

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