7 Things to Do Before Launching Your Website

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If you are thinking about creating a kick-ass website, you are thinking right! I am sure your chances of getting new clients are higher if you have/launch a professional website. Besides, nowadays, everyone is online. When you need an answer to a question, you google. When you look for some services, you google. Therefore, you will benefit a lot from having a website. My today’s blog post may help you to have a clearer vision of what to do before you launch your website. Or, if you already have a website, you may find some helpful information in this blog post.

My top tip is … do your homework.

The more you’re prepared, the less you’ll pay for creating your website. Or, if you create it by yourself, you will have a better understanding of what you actually are creating. Plus, it’ll save you own time.

I also understand that it may seem confusing and/or overwhelming as you are not a web designer/constructor. That is why I’d like to give you step by step instructions.

#1 – get inspired 

Look for some websites of your colleagues to see what you like and don’t like.

Take some notes on what you like and would not like to have on your website. Then draw a layout (you don’t have to draw well). It may help you to have a better vision of your website.  

#2 – come up with the number of pages 

Your website is like a shop window. Show people who you are and how you can help them.

Think of how many pages you would like to have. I highly recommend having the Home page, About, Services, Contact form, and your Blog. Read my blog post about the 8 benefits of having a blog. 

# 3 – prepare your context
  •  text – about you and your services – short and sweet.
  • pictures in good resolution – you may want to organize a photo shoot. There is a good blog post on how to get ready for a photo. In that blog post I write how to set goals, what to wear, and what not to wear, etc.;
  • adding a video is an excellent idea too;
  • you probably have some freebies to upload as well.
# 4 – colors 

– Which colors would you like to use?

-Yellow and blue.

There are millions of yellow colors. That is why you should choose colors with HEX numbers. 

Choosing colors used to be hard for me. But then I found many good websites, which help a lot!

my experience: 

I used the websites, which I mentioned earlier. Then, I chose 15 colors that I liked with HEX numbers. After that, I decided to use Canva (blank template). Because I wanted to see which background and color text I liked the most. In a while, I picked up 3 best colors, in my opinion. It was a good idea to use them on my website to see what they looked like. As what you see in a pic may be different from when you have it on your website.

# 5 – choose your fonts 

All texts have got fonts. Your task is to choose some for your headings and texts. 

I love this website about fonts and how to combine them (with examples).

# 6 make sure:
  • you proofread your texts (I use Grammarly Pro. there is also a free version);
  • your text is 100% plagiarism free (I use Quetext and  Grammarly Pro); 
  • you save all your texts, images, and videos somewhere else. Just in case something happens to your website (I use Google Drive);
  • link your social media and email;
  • your website looks awesome on mobile and tablet devices. 
# 7 – install some plugins

Let me share a list of my favorite plugins:

  • anti-spam – who wants spam?;
  • stats – track your audience;
  • Gutenberg editor;
  • download after e-mail – people will be able to download your freebies in exchange for their e-mails;
  • iQ Block Country – block countries that are famous for hacking websites.

Remember choosing only well-coded plugins! 


The better prepared you are, the more you will enjoy your ride with your website! 

If you create it yourself, I highly recommend you prepare all the above information. Even if you gonna hire someone else to do it, I still suggest doing your homework. 

When I create websites for my colleagues, they benefit a lot from when they come to me prepared.

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