Canva Create Conference – 2021

I follow Canva on Instagram, they announced the conference, and I immediately enrolled. I even did not know the price and the time. I was super motivated as it is connected to my job (duh). The conference was in two different time slots so that more people could join. I am based in Ukraine, so I did not have to wake up at 4 am to watch it. Btw, it was free of charge 0_0 they streamed it from Zoom (awful quality) and from YouTube (I watched on YouTube as the quality was better) and took millions of pics, although it was recorded. I want to be on the safe side – write as hell and take millions of pics.

long story short

my takeaways from the event (if you find them beneficial, you are welcome to thank me)


  • combinations of fonts: thick + thin; tall + short;
  • create folders – with time. It could be a nightmare to find something;
  • you can upload pdf files into Canva and edit them;
  • you can share a presentation with a client via Canva – no need to send it via email. Thus you will avoid additional and hectic upload – send – download – read – comment – upload, etc. actions;
  • share your work with others via Canva and use comments – it saves time and makes more sense;
  • nowadays, visual communication is more critical than ever;
  • pay close attention to the balance of elements on your pic (hierarchy, contrast, navigate space, repetition, alignment, balance, grouping);

bonus – useful links:

color wheel generator (complementary, monochromatic, analogous, and triadic colors)

color palette generator

color palettes – ideas

font combinations

Canva events

Canva resources

Canva – design school

business resources

I hope you found something useful here. If so, I encourage you to thank me 🙂

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