Another Year, Another Major Change On My Website

Every year I make major changes to my website. 

In 2020 I decided to buy the domain name – 

As a matter of fact, I used to have a website where after my name, I had For many years, I didn’t have a shorter domain name. So I am saying that domain names with are okay. The point is to be happy with your domain name. That’s it. 

But after another marketing conference, I realized I wanted something more professional for me. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t transfer the content of my previous website to my new one. No. In fact, I decided to compose everything from scratch (oh, my! if only you knew how many times I deleted my previous websites and created new ones from scratch! I’ve done it at least 5 times!). I never look for easy ways. ha-ha

New website – 2020

It was December 2020. I was in the mood to create something totally new for my business. 

I bought a domain name, hosting, and a good WordPress Plan. Then, I drew a layout for my website, chose colors, came up with the number and names of pages on my website, wrote texts, and selected pictures. In addition, I set goals for each page on my website. Surely, setting goals is significant as they guide you, help to maintain focus, and help you to stay motivated. 

Also, this year I’ve had 3 professional photo shoots for my website and my social media. Just in case you wonder how I get ready for photo shoots, I’ve written a blog post on it with many practical tips, which is тут.


You may wonder how much I paid for my website. Right!? I am open about prices. 

I paid 15 euros for my domain name (for 1 year) and 97 euros (for 1 year) for the Premium WordPress Plan. That’s it. I composed my website, chose colors, and wrote/chose pictures by myself. It’s easy to create a website on WordPress, even if you have never learned how to do it, and even consider yourself a dummy in building websites. Just be patient and believe in yourself. That’s it!

More changes

Forgot to tell ya 🙂 Every 6 months, I change colors and all the pictures on my website. IDK, somehow every 6 months, I am sure that the colors and images need to be better, and I change them all. 

It’s November now. Guess what!? I bought a new WordPress Plan – Business! It allows having more plugins and SEO tools. In particular, I am interested in such plugins as “Download after Email” and “iQ Block Country” (as I want to close my website for some countries). WordPress Plan – Business costs 300 euros per year. Certainly, it is a good investment for the future. 

I changed all the colors and pictures on my website! I also changed some layouts on my pages. Have a look at my new pages! Especially I am proud of my blog page!

Without a doubt, I want my website and blog to be as excellent as possible. I love and enjoy taking care of my website and blog. 

By the way, I’ve got a blog post – 8 benefits of having a blog, which is тут.

P.S. If you’d like to create your website and would like to avoid investing any money, starting with the free WordPress Plan is a good idea. That is to say; I started with it too. If you need my help creating a website, just let me know, and we’ll schedule a free 20 min call. 

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