NeuroHeart Education Conference 2022® Conference

This is the 2nd time in a row I will be a speaker at this amazing conference! In 2022 it will be held in Sitges, Spain, and live-streamed online.

This is an annual educational conference, which is called NeuroHeart Education® Conference, and it is for all educators, not only language teachers.

This year I will talk about teaching sounds that do not exist in your learner’s mother tongue. As a certified Neurological Speech Therapist, I will share my knowledge and experience. Also, I will give hands-on exercises. I will discuss why the “repeat after me” approach is not the best when we refer to entirely new sounds. Speaking is my point of interest. I am studying how knowledge about the brain can help our learners have better speaking, listening, writing, and reading results. That is why I am finishing my Master’s Degree in Applied Neuroscience.

My talk will be on the 30th of April, 2022, at 15:00 CEST (Barcelona time). I do hope that I will be able to come to Sitges, but if not, I will present my talk online.

Besides my talk, there will be many fantastic speakers with interesting talks. For example,

Rachel Paling – the creator of the Neurolanguage Coaching®️ method. Her talk is named “Does The Perfect Learning State Exist?”; Curtis Kelly – talking about the social brain and the c factor: the overlooked dynamic in successful classes; Jenny Dooley – flipped learning: flipping the EFL classroom; Thomas Feiner – developing the high-performance mind; Rob Howard – upskill or standstill and others. The full agenda is тут.

The tickets are on sale now тут

Full price ticket – €454.55 (+ IVA/VAT);

Online ticket – €60 (+ IVA/VAT);

Plus, certified Neurolanguage coaches have got special discounts. DM “Efficient Language Coaching” on Instagram or Facebook for a discount code.

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