Printable handouts for English teachers

I’ve created some beautiful printable and free handouts for teachers. I know that many teachers always look for handouts to use besides course books. And unfortunately, some teachers do not have enough financial resources to buy books/handouts. That’s why I created some free handouts for teachers and learners.

I love creating them using Canva. First, it took me a lot of time to create something. But with time and some webinars from Canva, I learned how to do it quickly and efficiently. Let me know if you’d like to learn how to make beautiful handouts.


I created a page on my website where I upload my handouts. Here you can find:

  • Charity/Fundraising – different exercises (listening, writing, speaking, true or false, jumbled paragraphs, etc.). 15 exercises with answers. Some of them are based on the TED talk – Should you donate differently? by Joy Sun (30 pages);
  • letter templates with examples:

– formal letter,

-informal letter,

-answering an ad,

-a letter of a complaint,

-a letter to a lost & found office,

-being in another country,

-about your life when you were younger,

-celebrating an event (13 pages, including examples);

  • linking words & clauses (4 pages);
  • lesson plan (main focus on listening/writing).

You can download all of them тут.

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