What inspired me to start my YouTube channel

YouTube is an amazing place that can bring you lots of clients. Yet, when I started YouTubing, I did not know it. 

I just did not wake up one day with a desire to start YouTubing. No. 

It all started in 2017…

It all started in 2017. I had a series of courses for foreign language teachers — “Teach English Now!” from Arizona State University. We had many tasks to do. They gave us two choices: to write them or film a video with the answers. I was not looking for easy ways, so I chose videos. At that time, I had a YouTube канал, but I had no purpose in using it for my business. The tutors told us that one video should be no longer than 4 min, and if a video is 4 min and 1 sec, it will be marked as “failed.” We were to upload videos to our YouTube channels as unlisted so that a person who has a link can watch them, and when a person views your channel, the videos do not appear in the list of your videos. 

I decided to record my videos using my mobile phone in my kitchen. Instead of a tripod I had a pile of books. That’s it. 

If you remember, in 2017, mobile phone cameras were not as good as today. In addition, I could not find any applications I could use easily to edit. That is why I recorded a video in one “chunk.”

Oh, God, how challenging it was! I was as nervous as hell! Because of stress, I could not remember what I had said already and what I intended to say. On top of that, I had to be brief and up to the point, as my videos had to be 4 min at maximum. I stuck to 3:59. 

Holy moly! My videos did not look professional at all!

February 2017

Am I ashamed of those videos? No. This is how I started. I did not wait till I did everything beautifully. 


Later I realized that I wanted to share my knowledge with foreign language teachers. Later, I found out how to make my videos SEO-friendly, and before recording videos, I was doing my research. 

My first investment was a tripod. One of my friends gave it to me as a present. She ordered it online for 1 dollar. By the way, I had been using it for 3 years. 

I wanted my videos to look nicer. The Universe sent me ha-ha I started looking for professionals to film my videos. The average price in Kyiv was 800 $. Honestly, it was too much for me. I saw no point in paying that much. 

I told one of my students that I was looking for a professional.

She told me that her boyfriend was a professional video operator. We met, filmed one video, and realized that we wanted to work on my videos together. So since 2018, we have been filming together. We had our schedule — every Saturday, we would meet, film, and have lots of fun. 

Meet my guru video operator — Andrew. 

We filmed during the pandemic (with social distancing) and even during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. 


My subscribers have been inspiring me since the very beginning. Reading comments and private messages about how my videos help you is priceless. 

I highly recommend you start a YouTube channel. It is not only a good way of getting more new clients but also to practice your communication skills. 

If you have a YouTube channel, share the linking comments. 

Moreover, if you have a YouTube channel, share your story in the comments.

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