I’ve been looking for a perfect eco-bag for a long time…

I designed these eco-bags for teachers to carry books and teaching stuff around.

My dream was to have an eco-bag that would be big enough for my teaching stuff. As I always like carrying many things with me. And when I would have my eco-bag full, the handles would break. So I was frustrated because of it.

Also, I am not a neat kind of person, so my things get dirty, and I have to wash them. The prints on the eco-bags I had quickly would come off.

That is why I designed THE eco-bag, which would have it all 

#teachingisfun eco-bag

the handles are sewn crosswise

durable fabric (260 gr/m2)

double bottom + it is washable (30°)

“The eco-bag is amazing and I use it for…everything!
It’s with me when I go to school, it’s with me when I go shopping…I can say that it’s part of my life!

So…you and Ukraine are with me every day! ☺️Thank you so much Tetyana, for being so kind, sweet, helpful and…strong!”

– Milena, Italy

“I was looking for a bag bold enough to hold my life together.
I found a lot more.
This tote bag, designed by Tetyana Skrypkina, holds together teachers and students throughout the world.
When I put my books in it I think of how many teachers do the same thing in other countries. ‘Will they have my same worries and dreams?’ and I sometimes also think ‘Will they use my same books?’.
So if you’re looking for a steady bag in which to store your work station, your library and your stationary, then this is definitely a must have; especially if you want to be overwhelmed by a feeling of connection with your colleagues throughout the world.” – Claudia, Italy

Our Eva also loves the bags!

She adores being inside of it & playing with it as well.

The bag is made from a durable fabric (260 gr/m2), so the bag isn’t torn apart by Eva.

I’m never worried about the eco-bag when Eva or other cats play with it.

I always use the eco-bag to carry my books and papers to and from the different schools at which I teach. It’s a great size and very durable. I love it! ❤

There’s always a lot of dust and dirt where I live because it’s the desert… So I’ve washed it a few times and the print didn’t come off.
– Heidi, Argentina.

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