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hi, Tetyana here

You are at the right place for foreign language teachers.

Nowadays, teacher-solopreneurs must know how to do many things to run their businesses successfully.

We need to know how to create a website or blog, deal with marketing, plan our time efficiently, set goals, and balance our work and personal life.

That is why I created #teachingisfun. I love helping teachers not only with the methodology of teaching foreign languages but also with other things.

I write about teaching foreign languages, blogging, and neuromarketing.

how to write efficient to-do lists

there are two types of to-do lists: the ones that make you feel content and those that make you feel frustrated.

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8 benefits of having a blog

nowadays, it’s important to talk about your business online. blogging is one of the ways to get new clients.

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free printable resources

I’ve created a page for language teachers where you can download many beautiful handouts with answers.

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