Welcome to #teachingisfun

Hi, Tetyana here 🙂

I’m the creator of #teachingisfun, a foreign language teacher, certified teacher trainer, and certified neurological speech therapist, and I am a proud Ukrainian.

In 2016 I created #teachingisfun for foreign language teachers, and since then I help teachers.

My website is for self-employed teachers. Nowadays we need to know and be able to do a lot to be successful. That is why I help teachers in:

  • creating a website;
  • auditing your website;
  • creating a blog;
  • writing SEO-friendly texts;
  • auditing your bog;
  • neuromarketing;
  • planing time effectively;
  • setting goals and balance work and private life;
  • mentoring;
  • teacher training;

I write about teaching foreign languages, blogging, and neuromarketing.

Teaching kids and adults with dyslexia

There are 15 useful tips on teaching learners with dyslexia. The tips are divided into 3 stages: before, during, and after a lesson.

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8 benefits of having a blog

Nowadays, it’s important to talk about your business online. Blogging is one of the ways to get new clients.

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Free printable resources

I’ve created a page for English language teachers where you can download many beautiful handouts with answers. I will add more exercises in other languages later.

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My Blog for Foreign Language Teachers

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