Hi, Tetyana here!

I’m the creator of #teachingisfun, a foreign language teacher, certified teacher trainer, and certified neurological speech therapist, and I am a proud Ukrainian.

I also help teachers master teaching methods, create a website, blog more efficiently, write SEO-friendly texts, and learn how neuromarketing can help you with your business.

In addition, I consult on how to find perfect clients and use neuromarketing tactics.

I’ve been self-employed for about 13 years. I’ve learned how to manage myself plus my time to have balance in life, which I love.

I’ve been working online for many years. For the last 5 years, I’ve been working 100% online. It gives me the freedom to do my job while being far away from my clients. Moreover, my clients are always on the move; many are not based in Ukraine (where I live).

Studying and learning are a part of my life, and I totally love it! Being updated is significant for me. I am crazy about learning new things that help me in my work and my private life.

I was doing an online TESOL course at Arizona State University. They asked us to do some tasks. We were offered two options: to write them or to record our answers as videos. I decided to record videos. It inspired me to continue with my YouTube channel for foreign language teachers. It was 6 years ago.

I am passionate about helping teachers and seeing excellent results after our sessions!

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