8 amazing benefits of having a blog for small businesses

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Nowadays, everyone is online. When you need an answer to a question, you google. When you are looking for some services, you google. Your potential clients do the same. There are many benefits to having a blog, and you can benefit significantly from it. I outlined 8 benefits of having a blog.

Tell the world who you are

You’ve got an excellent opportunity to tell the whole world that you are out there! Show your expertise and how people can benefit from working with you, share your best cases, and get feedback from your clients.

Increase your brand’s visibility

You’ll increase your brand’s visibility and recognition as it is a crucial base to get clients. Brand awareness means that people can remember and recognize your business. We all want others to be familiar with our brand, so we can get more consumers, right?

Know your audience

The analytics of your blog will give you better clarity on your audience. You can look (in real-time): at several visitors, impressions, “unique visitors,” locations of your visitors, demographics, which type of content they like more, etc. Furthermore, based on analytics, WordPress tells you the best time to publish your blog posts.

Build up your email list

Also, your blog is a great source to gather emails for your email list. Remember to add a subscribe button. In addition, you may ask the viewers to subscribe to your email list on your blog, i.e., when you upload a new post, they will get an email with it. Moreover, if you are not my subscriber yet, you are welcome to subscribe to my blog 🙂

Building your business on your blog is better than on social media, as your blog belongs to you. However, you may remember the times when social media accounts were down. And one more frustrating thing is that they often change their algorithms, making it even harder to get out there.


You may also upload pdf/Word files so your readers can download/print them easily. You should check your free/paid plan to see how much you can upload. I like sharing my materials with others. I shared them in blog posts and created a separate page – “resources” with printable stuff. What is more, I love it. Teachers love it. Win-win. 

Remember to include your contacts at the end of your freebies. And ideally include the links to your social media accounts.

Download after email

Moreover, if you have a plugin, “Download after email,” you can upload a freebie and ask people for their email in exchange for your free, valuable product sample. I’d like to mention that if you use WordPress, then you must have a Pro Plan to get this plugin. Personally, I do not have this Plan yet. So, I do not have this cool plugin. But I believe that in the nearest future, I will have it.

Read more about my favorite plugins in my blog post “7 Things to Do Before Launching Your Website.”

Publish your long-reads

Lastly, you can post long-reads, which you cannot do on social media due to character limits. For example,
Instagram – 2200 characters;
Facebook – 63,206 characters;
Linkedin – 1300 characters;
Twitter – 280 characters;
Whereas your WordPress blog can post up to 20000 characters.


All in all, it is a marvelous idea to have your own blog and you can benefit a lot of having it! However, if you are not ready to pay for any paid Plans on WordPress, you can have a free Plan and start with it. Some years ago, I started with a free Plan and benefited greatly!

P.S. you can publish posts with secure passwords so that only people with a password can read them. What is more, you can publish a post, and only the ones, who pay for it will be able to read it.

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  1. Great post Tetyana. I have always used a free plan so far and it works for me. I like the idea of freebies, I may have some on my site in the future.

    1. If a free is enough for your needs, then it’s great! The free plan is good and gives good opportunities with a website/blog.
      Let me know when you have freebies! I wanna be the 1st one to get them 😃

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