Win New Clients By Answering Them Right

Recently I’ve talked to my colleague. She told me she had been texting with a potential client. Yet, she did not win one. Then, we discussed the conversation. My colleague wondered what she could do to win a new client.

Let’s have a look at their conversation:

– Hi. Do you teach English? I’m looking for an English teacher. I’d like to learn English to get a better job.

– Hi. Yes. I teach English. Good. I will help you to get a better job.

– Great! How much do you charge per 1 hour?

– 60 min = 50 euros.

The end of the conversation. And a potential client never answered back.

Have you noticed some mistakes? Let me know in the comments below.

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So, the main point is that a potential client doesn’t know what one is paying for.

  1. There is no description of what is included in the price.
  2. What happens in a lesson?
  3. State reasons why a potential client should choose you over other teachers.
  4. I think a teacher sounded cold and not interested in getting a new client.

What could my colleague write so a potential client could become an actual client?My suggestions:

First, we should add some positivity to the 1st sentence, right? I am conscious that many people would like to learn/improve a foreign language but tend to avoid contacting a teacher. Thus, we could say something like: “That’s great that you decided to learn (improve your) English (or any other language)! Knowing a foreign language is important nowadays. And, yes! I totally believe that you could get a better job.”

Then, to win new clients, we should write in detail what we offer and what is included in your price, especially if you charge more than others in your market. I would highly recommend composing a document – “Customer’s Pain Points” (download my short guide). In this guide, you thoroughly describe problems and inconveniences people usually have and what you can offer. For example, people complain that teachers post on social media pictures/videos from lessons without clients’ consent. Or some teachers reveal some confidential information. You could offer confidentiality and include this in your contract agreement. By the way, I have a blog post on composting contract agreements with your learners/clients.

If you charge more, then you offer more, right? Explain this. You may write: “(you enumerate those things) are included in the price.”

Remember to sound professional and friendly. It sounds obvious and easy. Yet, some of us neglect it.

Having ready text in your notes is a good idea. Personally, I use Keep Notes. Of course, I adjust the text according to the messages I get. But still, it saves time. A lot.

To sum up, in your message you should state:

  • your unique selling points (download my short guide);
  • ask how exactly you can help your potential client. Then describe what you could do to meet her/his expectations;
  • describe in detail the value of your services;
  • precisely what happens in a lesson;

At the end of the day, we wanna be heard, understood, and someone to help us to solve our issues.

I'd be happy if you could add some points.

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