Handouts for lessons – “Fundraising and Charity”

I’ve composed these printable handouts (30 pages with answers), which you could use in your lessons when you talk about fundraising and/or charity. I recommend using them with students of upper-intermediate level. However, you can adjust exercises and use them for lower levels.

Choose exercises that are suitable for your lesson plan and approach.
In my opinion, you could compose 4-5 lesson plans with these exercises.

The 2nd part is based on the TED talk “Should you donate differently?” by Joy Sun. You can watch it тут. I also included the entire script in the bundle.

In addition, I’d like to share a template that will help you write a lesson plan.

I would be happy if you could drop me a line and tell me how your lesson went 🙂

More free resources

I’ve created a page on my website where you can download more beautiful, printable handouts for your lessons.

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