Someone tried to hack my Google account

It all started last Tuesday. I kept receiving SMS with the verification code. I’d like to mention that there is multifactor authentication (MFA), meaning that when I log in, the system requires me to enter more information than just a password. In my case, it is an SMS that is sent to my mobile phone. 

For example, one day I received 3 verification codes within 5 minutes, and I simply thought it was a glitch. Who needs my Google account!? 

From Tuesday to Friday, I kept receiving those codes. I think on Thursday I wanted to contact a Google support team, but all I found was a forum, and no one was discussing a similar issue. 

On Sunday, I started to panic. Honestly, my whole life is connected to my Google account: all my bank cards (through the app Google Pay), Google Drive with all my documents, scanned notes, pictures, and videos, and Google Keep with import notes and links. Moreover, I log into many other applications using my Google account. 

My husband, who works in IT, recommended changing my password to a stronger one and not keeping it written on my Google account. It was challenging to come up with a password with 20 digits that contained lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols. But I did it! 

After that, I called my friend. Coincidentally, she works in IT as well. During our talk, I added one more recovery phone number and email. Then, I did a security check-up, printed out my security keys, turned on screen security locks, and turned on the Google prompt to sign in. 

Have you ever had hacking problems?

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