Starting a Writing Course in German

Writing is a massive part of my life. I write every day – messages, emails, blog posts (for my clients and me), business offers for my potential clients, etc. I love writing. Presently, I am also writing blogs post for an American educational company – Verbal Bridges – in English, German, and Spanish.

The project at Verbal Bridges has motivated me to improve my writing skills in German. That is why I decided to take an online course in writing in German. It is a custom-made course.

My goals

The trainer is an experienced German teacher, trainer, and editor. I have voiced out my goals and preferences in learning. The course was composed according to my needs.

My primary goal is to learn how to write more SEO-friendly texts in German. I have totally different perceptions when it comes to writing in other languages. For example, when I write in English, it is easier. Yet it is more challenging in Spanish and even more challenging in German. 

My other goals are 

  • to improve the usage of transition words;
  • vocabulary (I’d like to use more advanced words);
  • write longer texts;
  • learn how to describe pictures more efficiently (for SEO purposes, I must write Alt text, caption, and description. My German trainer also prepares people for international German exams and one of the tasks that people must do is to describe pictures well. So, my trainer is a pro at describing pictures).

My learning preferences

In addition, my trainer took into consideration my learning preferences. For instance, I enjoy writing and working on my own. That is why I will do all the tasks in writing (even the ones where I don’t have to write). The course will also include lots of self-studies which I love. We agreed to have live online sessions (2 hours each) once a week. 

I have done almost all the tasks for this week. And I am looking forward to my session this Saturday. I do hope that there will be no air raid alerts and explosions so I can have my session!

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